Looking for all the benefits of a newly built home but don’t have time to wait? Check out all of the Bach Homes that are completed or close to completion. Skill, experience, enthusiasm, and commitment go into every Bach home.

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Why Buy a Quick Move-In

If you are considering buying a home in Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, or Tooele, consider a quick move-in from Bach Homes. Here are just a few reasons why buying with Bach is a great decision:

  • Skip the long build times: We build our homes and list them for sale when they are close to completion. That means you don’t have to wait months, or even years, to own a brand new home!
  • Less repairs and included warranty: Brand new appliances and construction materials means fewer home repairs and less worry. Additionally, Bach Homes provides a first year warranty so you can relax knowing that you are protected should anything happen.
  • Utility bill savings: With new energy-saving appliances, windows and other modern features, your utility bills are going to be lower when compared to an existing home.
  • Safety: Brand new homes are considered to be safer because builders include hardwired smoke detectors, garage doors with child sensors, and modern electrical, all of which contribute to an overall safer home.